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Fractals, seemingly chaotic structures that are in reality infinitely looped, perfect creations, as well as the mind, that gives birth to our every thought, serve as an ideal description of band's music. The density of music experience might seem challenging at first, but after some time listeners are rewarded and discover hidden dimensions the music offers. Those who enjoy heavy guitar sounds, yet are looking for something more complex and multilayered, for sure will find Fractalmind's music interesting.


released April 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Fractalmind Bydgoszcz, Poland

Fractalmind's music can be described as a collage of heavy guitar riffs and intricate rhythm patterns with subtle acoustic sounds and melodies. The sonic experience is deepened with thought-provoking lyrics, which invite the listener to embark on a journey to inner self. ... more

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Track Name: Kaballah
there is something there
you're not alone
It's presence familiar
yet cannot be defined
draws you near
Ethereal sensation
revealing its might
invites you in

let the rite begin
take my hand
transition's the key
to touch the sound for real,
embrace its gift
don't loosen your grip
we're almost there
just follow the rhythm
of what your heart will hear
the sonic foundry lies ahead
Track Name: Pilgrim
Drinking from a chalice full
The sweetest wine I’ve ever tasted
That is what a sin might be
If you take it to extreme
Apparition of my past
still dictates my building hunger
Restless thoughts accompany
Every crooked path I wander

Merging with the best of dreams
(open up your eyes)
The forsaken road to bliss
(passing through my scars)
This elusive state echoes in my mind
Pilgrim at the crossroads I’ve become

Visions blur and sounds die down
As time cares no more
In suspended animation
Things that never let me go
Stillborn words drown in my head
Dark silhouettes ignite the madness
Mind beyond itself
As it slowly drifts away
Track Name: Hellbound
liquid fire
reaches bloodstream
slowly blurs my
aching memory
Sleepless hours
fuel my sickness
magnify those
morbid pictures

Run away from here
escape this madness
overcome by fear
praying to wake up
life will never be the same
if you make it to the end
run away from here
race with fleeting time
howling of the past
hunts you down each night
life will never be the same
if you make it to the end

Frantic voices
tear me from within
visions doused in blood
stain my sanity
Toxic fever
Boiling in my veins
Frenzy crawling
Walk me to the edge

where compassion won't trespass
how can we return
no redemption for our kind
hell on earth we raise

Wisdom of a child
elevate our lives
Teach us to be free
Never let us down
in this time we ask
Quench our thirst for blood
deep within our hearts
we’ll find the path
save us from ourselves
exiles seeking shelter from your touch
Track Name: Sleepwalkers dance
Sleepwalkers dance
Clutching to what may seem real
We’re chained by continuous rites
Our self-induced captivity
Perception distorted
By discordant melodies
Blindfold we move
in two-faced sobriety

Don’t close your eyes
Transcend the visions
locked in the daylight dreams
Submerged in lunacy
leave your doubts behind
set your spirit free
from omnipresent monolithic scenes

eyes shut wide
perception blind

Standing on the shore within
Scared of walking on the water
We’ll never know what it’s like
How it feels to be alive
Standing on the shore within
Scared of walking on the water
We’ll never risk to try
Track Name: REM
Drift away with silent tides
let them take you deeper
Every movement slowing down
whispers call your name
In this other world
beyond reality
no one holds your heart in hand
nothing binds your will

On the canvas of your dream
feed imagination
painting landscapes so surreal
yet they feel like home
vivid colors touch your face
sink into your velvet skin
wish you could be here longer
wish we could just make you stay

time for you to go
dawn is pulling you away
so farewell for now our friend
hope you'll find your way
time for me to go
dawn is pulling me away
so farewell for now my friends
we'll meet again
Track Name: Chrysalis
shapeless in its form at first
patiently awaits its turn
takes the time to grow inside
somewhere in this restless mind
like a sonic parasite
feasting on the wounded past
evolution's final stage
born within

Spread your wings
and fly away from here
high above the horizon
sing your song
across this homeless world
fill our vacant eyes
Spread your wings
and bring us tears of joy
once forsaken love
sing your song
across this universe
fill our vacant eyes

wrapped in this human shell
it's always been in there
afloat the consciousness
of my soul
its whereabouts unknown
are hidden from the world
until the time has come
crust won't break
Track Name: My oleander
I’m meeting you around every corner
Although you’re never really here
Allow me back into my limbo’s
Peaceful disconnection state
We’re playing hide and seek together
Although I‘ve never known your name
Inside the gardens of illusion
This fatal attraction rules our game

My oleander love
trapped in this mortal coil
I struggle to survive
Just this one time be mine

Inside my veins you hide
Sweet oleander
Your touch I can’t deny
pulling me under
Transmit your toxic love
infect my self control
seduce my craving senses
blinded with desire

Irresistible your lovin’
Evergreen my need
Give me just one overdosage
Of your medicine
Between the black and white
I struggle not to fall
The shades of my delight
You’re the one who knows

My oleander love
Trapped in this mortal coil
I Struggle to survive
Just this one time be mine

My oleander
My oleander love
infect me with your touch again
once more we'll be as one
Track Name: Dreamriver
Minutes fade away
hours disappear
here I lay
senses wandering
there and back again
I can see your picture come alive
you're so close, yet out of reach
I have heard your name
ten thousand times
memories haunt me in my dreams, in my dreams

heaven's silent cry
falling to the ground
bless me with your tears
kiss my hollow eyes
crystal drops of life
children of the sky,
take away my pain,
ease my weary mind
crystal drops of life
heaven's silent cry
take away my pain
ease my weary mind
Track Name: Airborne
Let me breathe
My daily sorrows out
Inhale these multicolored, all-pervading vibes
Stories whispered to my ears,
Stories carried by the wind
Distant chanting
lifting me, purify my mind
Lifting me
take my blindness, cleanse my sight

Brisk sensation granted by
the carnal love of the sun and the wind
cast into the ocean of valleys and ranges
rebirth in synergy
motionless yet moving
mortal yet divine
redefined from within
mindset redefined

far beyond, defying
defying gravity
once and for all
cross the boundaries of plain reasoning
the vessel of your soul
Track Name: Eldorados
Define your infinite cravings
Restore the balance ostracized
Trapped in the synthetic rapture
We’re born, we fumble and we die
Repent the sins of our fathers
Revive what died inside of us
Down the road to perdition we travel
We are on the verge of demise

In Eldorados
Bleak and drab we hide
Our cities full of manufactured lies
Burying us alive

Cosmic spheres
Tell us who we are
Tranquilize the fear
Carved into our hearts
Let us reach
long forsaken
Perfect harmony
Without hate, with no doubts
Shared by you and me

Devour the weak and defenseless
The cult of beauty, youth and strength
Atavistic force unsatisfied
Leads us to a bitter end
Reject the spirit and reason
Disorder is what we trust
Hope and love waging war with oblivion
what have we become?
Track Name: Still life
Memories dancing round my head
Shades and hues of moments held
Where no man will find the way
That’s what’s left of me…
Coldness of four naked walls
Lifeless prison of my soul
Shadows breaking through the silence
Staring into me

Choices made no longer mine
Dormant snakes keep me alive
I won’t tell, just take me home
Where she is
Where she belongs
Take me home
Where she is
there I belong

Somewhere in between the lines
All the answers lost in time
I won’t tell, just take me home
Where she is
Where she belongs